General Information

Sixth annual Clinic on Meaningful Modeling of Epidemiological Data

June 1-12, 2015, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Muizenberg, Cape Town, RSA

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  • If you arrive before 16:00 on Sunday, please come by the AIMS lobby between 12:00 and 16:00 to receive your welcome packet and name tag. One or more of the mentors will be available in the lobby to check you in and answer any questions you may have. All participants without a scheduled airport transfer should plan to arrive during this time period if possible. If you arrive after 16:00 on Sunday, you can register on Monday morning.

Ground rules

  • All MMED participants are expected to engage fully in the MMED program. This includes attending all MMED sessions (other than those designated as optional).
  • Please be aware that participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. This diversity adds greatly to the MMED experience, and all participants should strive to create a welcoming, respectful learning environment.
  • All MMED participants should follow the AIMS house rules. Because all MMED students are guests of AIMS, these rules apply whether you are housed in AIMS accommodations or across the street at Whale Watchers or Surfers’ Corner.
  • Laptop use will not be allowed in the lecture hall during lectures or discussions.


  • Important information for visitors to AIMS and South Africa
  • Due to the number of arrivals, we have arranged an airport shuttle schedule, and participants arriving at times close to each other have been put into groups for collection. On arrival, please make your way to STEERS, Central Terminal Building. You will be met there by an AIMS representative, who will be carrying an AIMS/MMED sign. Kindly review the arrival schedule and take careful note of your pick-up time. Please note that the shuttle will only operate at the specified times. You may choose to take a private shuttle/taxi from the airport, but please note that you will not be reimbursed for this expense.
  • If you have any trouble meeting up with the group (eg, due to a delayed flight), please call AIMS – from within South Africa, dial 021 787 9320 (calling from abroad, you will need to dial the international dialing code + 27 21 787 9320). This is the AIMS main exchange, and you should ask to speak to Igsaan, who is the Facilities and Logistics Manager. If you can’t get through on this number, you can try Igsaan’s mobile number (provided in Weekly Message #5) to report flight delays or arrival problems.


  • The MMED Clinic is hosted by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), which is located in the lovely beach town of Muizenberg, near Cape Town. The street address is

      6 Melrose Road
      Muizenberg 7945
      South Africa
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  • Meals are provided in the AIMS dining hall.

           Breakfast is served from 7:45 - 8:30.
           Lunch is served from 12:30 - 13:00.
           Dinner is served from 18:00 - 18:30.

  • Laundry facilities are available in the main AIMS building. There are washing machines and dryers. You will need to provide your own detergent. You can purchase detergent from Checkers (see map) or bring your own from home.
  • Wireless internet access is available throughout the main AIMS facility. To connect to the network with your personal computer, you will need to register your computer with the AIMS IT staff. There is time scheduled for this on the first day of the Clinic. Wifi is also available in the Empire Building if you are willing to pay for it.

Things to bring or buy

  • If you are coming from abroad and bringing any electronics with you, you will need appropriate electrical converters and plug adapters. Phones and computers (and some digital cameras) usually come with a converter. Plug adapters can be purchased at the Pharmacy (see map). If you would like to purchase adapters before you arrive, you can use any of the plug types described on this page at AIMS. We recommend purchasing grounded adapters if you have the option.
  • SIM cards for mobile phones (GSM only) can be purchased at the airport or at Checkers (see map). South Africa has strict regulations for registration of SIM cards so you’ll need to bring proof of identity (passport) and proof of address (your Whale Watchers or AIMS keys and any printed letter of invitation to the workshop should suffice).
  • Note that there is no indoor heating at AIMS and no central heating in the Empire Building. We recommend bringing warm sleepwear as it can get quite chilly at night.

Tips for those staying in the Empire Building

  • If your kitchen sink isn’t draining, open the drain by pressing down on the drain plug and releasing.
  • You can enter the building through the parking garage, which is across Melrose Road from AIMS. Use the disc on your key ring to open the gate.

Load shedding

  • Rotational load shedding (or, rolling blackouts) may affect the MMED 2015 schedule.
  • Load shedding occurs every 2-3 days in Muizenberg and lasts for approximately 2-2.5 hours, usually in the evening.
  • If load shedding is in the 18:00 - 20:30 time slot, dinner is served at 17:30.
  • Outages are planned, and you can check for upcoming outages on this page.
  • The website indicates that load shedding is currently suspended; however, it may begin again at any time. Please pack a torch (flashlight) to prepare for this eventuality.